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  • Weather Sensor
  • Capstone
  • Sparkvue
  • Wireless Light Sensor
  • Wireless Colorimeter And Turbidity Sensor
  • Modular Circuits
  • Sparklabs
  • CO2
  • Smart Cart
  • Wireless Sensors
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Ergopedia products provide a unique hands-on STEM approach for physical science, physics and engineering. Aimed primarily at middle school and young high school students these modules are comprised of a comprehensive Teacher Guide with all the student activities, lesson plans, simulations and more as well as all the equipment needed to perform the activities.


The available modules are:

  • Programming and Robotics
  • Motion and Robotics
  • Forces and Motion
  • Oscillations, Waves and Sound
  • Light, Color, and Optics

Use the modules separately or combine them to create a complete curriculum.

About the modules


The Ergopedia approach for STEM is that Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics should be integral to how we teach Science. Why not learn about engineering by using robot navigation as a context for learning vectors? Why not learn about light by actually using the RGB model to make different colors, or use a lens to make an image? STEM should simply be a more engaging way to approach science by providing context and application for everything as students learn.