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550 Universal Interface



Meet PASCO’s 550 Universal Interface, available in May of 2015.

Why the excitement? Well, the 550 Universal Interface is fast, powerful and versatile!

For existing ScienceWorkshop 500 and 750 customers, the 550 offers an affordable pathway from our legacy software, DataStudio, forward to our feature-rich Capstone software, while using the ScienceWorkshop Sensors already in your labs and classrooms.  And the 550 Universal Interface features two PASport inputs, allowing you to expand into our PASport line of more than 70 sensors.

But there’s so much more to the story – we took many of the great features of our 850 Universal Interface, and put them into a smaller, yet still robust, little box! The 550’s two digital inputs are compatible with all ScienceWorkshop digital sensors, and with timing devices and photogates. It also includes two Analog ports, which offer 1MHz sampling and .12 mV resolution with an analog voltage sensor, something our competitors just can’t match.

That’s not all though, teachers will applaud the 550’s built-in signal generator. Need to power a motor, a speaker, or perhaps a circuit? We’ve got you covered, no need for an external power supply. Use your new 550 with PASCO Capstone software and you can control DC and various AC waveforms, without needing to add extra devices to your experiment, or to your budget. The 550 provides 8V @ 400mA, with selectable voltage limit, and DC offset. Using Capstone software also turns your 550 into a live oscilloscope displaying multiple simultaneous traces, such as the 550’s built-in signal generator voltage and current measurements, as well as signals from the analog ports.

There’s still more to the 550 Universal Interface. Beyond having USB 2.0 connectivity, the 550 also features Bluetooth connectivity, and, compatibility with PASCO’s SPARKvue Software. 


Powerful wireless sensor interface equips labs with high-speed data collection, signal generation and power supply, use with PASCO software for oscilloscope and FFT displays, timers, and more. This is the interface with the measurement capabilities for any physics experiment you lab needs.

  • 1 MHz sampling rate
  • 2 high-speed analog inputs
  • 2 digital inputs for photogates and other timing sensors
  • 2 PASPORT sensor inputs
  • Signal generator with built-in Voltage and Current sensors
  • Use with other PASPORT interfaces
  • Connect to computers via USB2
  • Bluetooth connectivity
2 High-Speed Analog Inputs
  • Measurement Range: ± 10 V differential input
  • Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Input Protection: ± 250 V continuous
  • Selectable Voltage gain: X1, X10, X100
  • Bi-drectional
2 Digital Inputs
  • Digital sensors such as Photogates and Time-of-Flight plug directly into the 550 Interface
  • Compatible with all ScienceWorkshop digital sensors
  • Sensor Connect Detection
  • 0-5 V TTL
  • Bi-directional
2 PASPORT Inputs
  • Compatible with all PASCO's complete line of more than 70 PASPORT sensors
  • Sample rates depend on sensors
Signal Generator
  • Waveforms: sine, triangle, square wave, positive and negative ramps, DC
  • Frequency Range: 0.001 Hz to 100 KHz; 1 mHz resolution
  • Amplitude Range: ± 8 V
  • Resolution: 1.33 mV, 12-bit DAC
  • Max Output Current: 400 mA at 8 V, over-current detection
  • Selectable Voltage Limit
  • Selectable DC Offset
  • Frequency Sweep Function
  • Measure output current, voltage