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Greenhouse effect, complete. Set



With this set you can explore the absorption of infrared radiation in CO2. The radiation is produced by an IR source and passes through a gas cuvette before reaching the detector.

The IR radiation source consists of a tungsten wire helix, to be powered by a 9 V, 1.75 A power supply, connected to the two 4 mm safety type connectors. The radiation source is provided with a 10 mm mounting rod.

The gas cuvette has three ports (pipe stubs) allowing various sensors and gas inlets to be mounted. A reference cuvette (without pipe stubs) is included for a direct comparison with atmospheric air.

The detector is a custom made narrow band IR detector – sensible in just the wave length interval where CO2 has a pronounced absorption band. The detector output should be connected to a voltmeter or data logging equipment.

The greenhouse effect kit consists of the IR source, narrowband IR detector, measurement and reference cuvettes, stoppers, tubing etc., hose clips, syringe, plastic wrap and O-rings.