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This newly developed microphone can serve both analog and digital, depending on the cable connecting. 
Thus, you can use the microphone with counters, stopwatch, PASCO digital adapter or analog inputs as well as through our battery box with oscilloscope.

The microphone can be used to determine the speed of sound, or to make a study of musical instrument tones and overtones. The microphone comes with a 10 mm Ø stand rod - but without cable.

To achieve 100% the same function as the previous microphone (248510) by combining 248,600 with 248,601 cable (6-pin DIN connector). With the 6-pin DIN cable provides an analog microphone that fits our battery box 251560, counts 200,250 and electronic stopwatch 200,260th

Other cables provide new uses: 
The cable 512 560 (6 mm jack plug) provides a digital microphone that can be used to measure the speed of sound with PASCO digital adapter PS-2159 (or our counter 200250).It uses two microphones. 
The cable 248 602 (5-pin DIN connector) provides an analog microphone that can be connected to an analog input, for example. PASCO 850 interface. (It also fit the battery box.) Use this combination to display waveforms, low frequency analysis,.

The manual discusses the different options in detail.

 FR-512560 - Purchase Cable seperately