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Projectile Launcher Smart Gate System



Instrument projectile motion labs with the PASCO Mini Projectile Launcher and Smart Gate. Smart Gate provides more accurate velocity measurements with dual photogates. With this combination, your students can study projectile motion and measure the initial speed with one economical Smart Gate since it has two photogate beams built in. The Mini Launcher and Smart Gate make the setup simple: just clamp the launcher to the table and slide the Smart Gate on. All the components needed are included, even the rod and clamp.


  • Ideal for tabletop projectile experiments
  • Both positive and negative angels
  • Launch from table height, or from above table height


Smart Gate (PS-2180)

Mini Launcher (ME-6825A)

Photogate Mounting Bracket (ME-6821A)

Steel balls (2) with loading rod

Aluminum Table Clamp (ME-8995)

45 cm Stainless Steel Rod (ME-8736)

2-D Collision Accessory


  • 0.5, 1, 2 m
Launch Angle
  • 0 to +90° and 0 to - 45°
Launcher Length
  • 18 cm