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Three-phase generator model, set


In 1831, Englishman Michael Faraday and American Joseph Henry independently discovered that a changing magnetic field could induce an electric current in a conductor. This discovery made possible the production of vast quantities of electricity. Today, whether the primary source is burning coal, wind, nuclear fission or falling water, virtually all of the world’s electrical energy production is the result of electromagnetic induction. This one piece of equipment allows an almost complete practical demonstration or student investigation of key concepts and experiments in developing this important area of Year 12 study designs:

  • Inducing an EMF in a coil with a changing magnetic field
  • Direction of the induced current in a coil
  • Factors effecting the size of the induced EMF in a coil
  • Transformers
  • DC and AC generators including up to 3 phase supplies
  • DC motors
  • Power, peak and RMS values

Additional accessories, coils available. Use any data logging system to record and review the output from the coils or a simple multimeter, galvanometer or multimeter to show the output in real time.

(12 volt power supply required for some functions not included)