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Variable Speed Motorized Cart



The adjustable speed Motorized Cart offers students a variety of relative motion, mechanical vector, motor efficiency, mass, inertia and acceleration experiments.


  • Variable speed motorized cart
  • Cable for connecting to external power supply


  • Strong Traction: Rear wheels can propel cart up a 30° slope
  • Rugged Construction: The tank-like molded casing and a rugged, internal gear mechanism are built for the harshest student laboratory conditions.
  • Works with Time Pulse Accessory: Turn the cart on for repeatable time intervals of 1 to 7 seconds with the Time Pulse Accessory (ME-9496).
  • External Power Input Jack: Accepts phone plug (included) to DC Power Supply or Computer Power Amplifier (for use with ScienceWorkshop experiments), or to Time Pulse Accessory (ME-9496).
  • Variable-speed Knob: Set and maintain constant speeds. Voltage is internally regulated.
Adjustable Speed
  • Approx. 8-25 cm/s
Battery Power
  • 4 “C” (not included)
Regulated Voltage  
External Power Input Jack  
Battery Life (Alkaline)
  • 6 hours