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3-Axis Acceleration & Altimeter



PS-2136-CoasterAcceleration 37683Your students can now measure acceleration changes in magnitude and direction and better understand how potential energy can be converted to kinetic. 
Our 3-Axis Accelerometer/Altimeter measures acceleration in each axis, calculates the resultant and measures the change in altitude to an incredible 30cm resolution. Altitude is calculated directly--no need to convert from barometric pressure. Acceleration and altitude can be displayed on the same graph, leading to better understanding of the physics behind amusement park rides.

Special Features

  • Accelerations can be measured in g or m/s2
  • At default sampling rate of 20 Hz approximately 9 minutes of ride data can be stored in the Xplorer. (Xplorer GLX virtually unlimited with its 12 MB memory.)
  • Xplorer Vest secures the Xplorer and sensor during aggressive activities (sold separately)

Typical Applications

  • Roller Coaster Amusement Park Physics
  • Playground activity (swings, slides, trampolines, etc)
  • Hiking, mountain biking, skiing
  • Starting, stopping, turning of an automobile


Acceleration for each axis and resultant
  • ±10 g
  • 0.01 g
  • Acceleration: 1 %
  • Any place on Earth to 7km above sea level with 30cm resolution
Five simultaneous measurements
  • Acceleration in x, y and z axes, resultant acceleration and altitude (in meters)