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Wireless Exercise Heart Rate Sensor



Release date to be confirmed early 2018

The Wireless Exercise Heart Rate Sensor has a chest strap and will transmit data wirelessly up to 10 m away! The electrode belt fits around the ribcage (worn against the skin for best results but can be worn over a shirt if a saline solution is applied under the electrodes) and wirelessly transmits the cardiac signal to the sensor.  

Also available:  Wireless Hand Grip Heart Rate Sensor


Typical Applications

  • Compare a student's heart rate before, during, and after exercise
  • Calculate recovery heart rate after physical activity
  • Determine the effects of mild stimulants (e.g. caffeine) on heart rate
  • Investigate how heart rate suddenly changes when a student sits, reclines, stands or moves suddenly.

Special Features

  • Easy to use - just connect wirelessly andattach the strap to collect data
  • Hands-free use makes it ideal for cycling, running and more.